Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)

Despite the insane driver we had for our trip up to Durmitor, I can’t deny that the views and scenery were spectacular. Having been on the coast for so long, I forgot the majesty of mountains, mountain lakes, and crisp, cool air. Along the way we stopped at incredible vistas of mountains, valleys and ultra blue rivers.

One of our first stops was at a National Park with a a beautiful lake that we didn’t get to hike around- but the photos we took were gorgeous- the mountains reflecting in the lake, it was very serene. They also offered camping there, and I feel like if I come back, camping will be the way to go.

We wound our way around incredible passes, along steep cliffs, and through crazy mountain tunnels. After a few near-misses with some massive trucks (don’t worry mom, I’m still alive, so it wasn’t THAT bad), we made it to Tara Canyon with the famous Tara Bridge. It was quite stunning- and I got a chance to do a zip line for the first time… which, if I’m being honest, was so tame in comparison to the bungee I did in Africa. But, it was fun and I was able to lean back and enjoy the scenery for about 45 seconds. I’m definitely looking forward to doing this again for a longer experience.

After hanging around Tara Canyon, we headed further up, up and up to Black Lake in Durmitor National Park. The crisp weather made for a super nice hour and a half hike around the lake- stopping to take plenty of photos, and doing a little “off the trail” hiking with our insane guide. This place was full of huge pine trees, gorgeous trails, crystal clear water and an overall peaceful time.

We stopped by people selling forest strawberries, and raspberries- I bought jam and am looking forward to having it at home to remember this gorgeous place in Montenegro.

I arrived in Kotor roughly around 10pm, making it an extraordinarily long day- I passed out- the next day I was headed to Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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