Balance is Messy

Starting this blog, my intention was to talk about the merits of balancing all the parts of your life you want, and being able to access them all if you wanted. Want a house, but still want to travel? I gotcha. Have kids and still want to travel? Yep, we can talk about that. Social anxiety and still dream of heading out into the unknown? Let’s break it down….

What I failed to mention, failed to consider, failed to remember, is that learning to balance is messy. It’s not just a conversation about “just do it”. I get it. There are mortgages to consider, jobs and careers to consider, families to consider. Lifestyles we’ve grown so accustomed to, that risking it fills us with fear. We may dream of “chucking it all” and going to live in Tahiti. However, the reality for most is that’s too big of a leap to go from 9-5 to Island Hippie. So we have to find a balance.

I took gymnastics lessons as a kid and the balance beam terrified me. Falling off I just kept imagining getting hurt- even as a kid I had forward thought and fear of what could happen if I fell. I watched other kids skip, leap and dance across the beam with no fear and was envious. As an adult I’ve actually become more of a risk taker. I’ve learned to lose my balance and jump out of planes, off bridges, and jump into situations that push me wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone. I’ve stumbled and lost my balance in relationships, jobs and my health- but each time I learn a little more about what makes me stronger and how to balance.

There’s a saying that tells us to “trust the process” and I’ve never been great at that. But I’m learning. Balance is messy. You must fall down, and get back up… and fall again, and again, and again, and again. And each time we get up we learn a little more about our center of gravity. Which way to lean, to trust your footing. Not to close your eyes and go blindly… but to focus and believe in your ability.

Balancing life is messy. But with a little risk, a little practice, we can learn to have the great fulfilling life that we crave. I’m still learning and practicing. And if you’re lucky sometimes, the universe opens up and looks you square in the eye and says “trust the process, you’ve got this”. We just have to be willing to get on that beam, even if we do fall off. Cause I know that learning to balance means I will get myself back up there and try again.

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