A blur of islands and amazingness

There is absolutely no way for me to describe the islands of Greece and the INCREDIBLE time I had in Santorini, Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu, and Kefalonia. I stayed in a private cave villa, a 600 year old building once used by royalty, a family run beach resort with a lot of character, an immaculate hostel in the heart of a city, a shithole hostel in a sketchy part of an island, and in a hostel painted bright pink. Each location had me nearly in tears every day from realizing how absolutely lucky I am to be alive and here. The vistas are indescribable, the people I got to be with turned my lonely days into alcohol-induced craziness that I’ll remember forever…perhaps. I visited vineyards, sailed aboard a private sailboat, took a cooking class, wrinkled my toes in pink sand, swam in crystal clear waters, cried at sunsets, sweated in the blistering heat, ate my weight in feta cheese, learned about Greek olive oil, drank too much vodka, met new friends and laughed until my sides hurt. I traveled by ferries, busses, tiny planes, and cars. I wandered through ancient ruins, hiked 16K through a majestic gorge, played card games, I walked 10K from one village to another on the edge of the caldera of a volcano. I got yelled at by a woman in Greek, and also was shown amazing hospitality.

So. This blog post will be very brief. There’s no way these experiences translate to words. So instead of writing a list of all the places we went and things we did I will, instead leave some pictures here and will likely write some feelings about things that happened in future posts.

For now, please enjoy the beauty. These are all photos taken from places I stood. Yeah, they’re real. This world is full of incredible places- Greece, I’m leaving a part of my heart behind with you.

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